The MyESnet Portal was built to provide high quality visualization of the ESnet network. The portal has been successful in delivering these visualizations and many other organizations have expressed interested in building similar visualizations. The ESnet Tools Team has extracted the visualization elements from the portal and packaged them as reusable components. These components will be available as open source by the end of the summer.

This talk will walk through various components used to visualize data on the portal providing a conceptual introduction to each component as well as a brief example of how the component can be used. The primary focus will be on the time series charting component and the interactive traffic map component with some attention being devoted to an explanation of time series data abstractions used throughout the components. If time allows other components may be shown as well as a discussion of the tooling involved in building the components.

While our use cases center around network data the time series abstractions and visualizations are applicable to many other use cases. For example both security folks and general IT folks may find these tools useful for exploring event logs.

There are slides, a video and a GitHub repo for this talk.